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NC Slurry Pump
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NC have been manufacturing Slurry Pumps for over 30 years and are reputed to have the most efficient pump on the market.


The new range of 3000 series pumps from NC include many new features and offer exceptional value for money.

Models include the Super 3000, 3800 and 4800, either in mobile or static versions and the 3000 SU in mobile version. These high performance pumps give even more mixing power, increased reliability and less maintenance.

Features and Benefits

All Super 3000(apart from the SU model), 3800 and 4800 mobile models have a quick attach two-point linkage. The standard three-point linkage is only required on the Super 3000 SU model.

The mobile pump can be transported from tank to tank without removing the PTO shaft, while the double acting ram maximises manoeuvrability and mixing performance.

Jetting accuracy is further increased with a mixing spout which is fully lockable in 26 positions. It revolves through a wide arc, allowing slurry to be mixed in any direction, including underneath the tractor.

In and out of the tank is totally controlled by the driver from the tractor seat.

Modified and up-rated drive lines ensures increased performance and reliability.

Due to the unique design of our pumps, the same massive pressure and volume of slurry is maintained when jetting or pumping upwards to a top fill tanker.


NC Slurry Separators
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 Slurry Separators


NC Slurry Separators provide huge environmental benefits with greater flexibility making more economic sense.

NC Slurry Separators have been around for many years, separating all kinds of slurries and liquid wastes:  working in factories, farms and industrial plants. They are now recognised as one of the most efficient and cost effective separators in operation today.

Features and Benefits

The NC system is both simple and efficient, producing valuable fibre for composting and nutrient rich, fibre free liquid, ready for application on to the land.

Just some of the benefits The NC Separator uses a unique brush and roller system to produce several valuable end products. Separated fibre can be composted and sold to other industries, etc or spread on to the land as an organic fertilizer – this enhances the soil structure and encourages an increase in the worm population. The nutrient rich liquid can be applied directly to root system, assisting immediate plant uptake. Reduces risk of run off. No fibre to lodge on plant foliage where ammonia and nitrogen are easily released into the atmosphere. The nitrogen is applied more efficiently as it goes straight to the root system. Separating manure allows producers to effectively control nutrients in both solids and liquids. All foreign objects are removed from slurry or liquid waste before it is applied to land. Less volume of liquid to handle. Paddocks can be grazed within 3 – 4 days of application. If used correctly, a typical 150-cow unit, with followers, could produce over £7000 value of potential nutrients. Fertilizer bills could be reduced up to 75% as separated slurry can be spread throughout the growing season. Separated liquid goes directly into the soil and does not lodge on growing silage crops. Hits the growing plant for maximum response and without contaminating the leaf. Reduced odour as slurry is not lying on ground to cause smell. Can be applied by band Spreader/Dribble Bar making more use of nutrients and also reducing odour. If ground is over rich in phosphate it is possible to reduce phosphate in slurry by up to 50% in a simple cost effective manner.


The Separator operates on a simple basis:

After mixing, the liquid slurry is pumped to the Separator weir box, then it flows onto the first perforated screen where the separating process begins. The liquid slurry is slowly brushed the full length of the screen to remove most of the liquid before entering the second chamber where remaining fibre is pressed and brushed the full length of the screen again to ensure the maximum amount of liquid is removed.


NC Top Fill Tankers
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Slurry Tankers

NC Tankers are kind to the environment, simple to operate, with safety a priority

Top Fill Tankers

Years of experience and a reputation for quality have produced a range of Slurry Tankers from 900 gallons (4050 ltrs) to 4500 gallons (20,430 ltrs) that have NC’s superior build, quality and design standard.

Features and Benefits - Top Fill Tankers

The NC Top fill Slurry Tanker is of the mechanical discharge type

Manufactured from heavy duty plate to give you one of the thickest tank walls on the market

Centrifugal pump is to NC design and can be driven at 540 or 1000 PTO speed, depending on spread pattern

Uses a low level spreading trajectory which delivers one of the most even spread patterns available

Hydraulic brakes fitted as standard

Non-splash filling turret

Optional Extras – Top Fill Tanker:

Sprung Draw-bar

Wide angled PTO shaft

Extra sight glasses

Hydraulic valve rear spread plate


NC Vacuum Tanker
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 Slurry Tankers

NC Tankers are kind to the environment, simple to operate, with safety a priority

Vacuum Tankers

Years of experience and a reputation for quality have produced a range of Slurry Tankers from 900 gallons (4050 ltrs) to 4500 gallons (20,430 ltrs) that have NC’s superior build, quality and design standard.

Features and Benefits - Vacuum Tankers

Four fill points, Hydraulic discharge rear valve, 6” Dia Suction hose,

Pump double protected from flooding by two float valves, Hydraulic brakes fitted as standard,

Heavy duty construction throughout, Level indicators fitted front and back,

Available in 12 models from 900 gals (4050 ltrs) to 4000 gals (18,000 ltrs)

All Tankers above 900 gals are fitted with anti-collapse rings

All Tankers have quick attach

Optional Extras – Vacuum Tankers:

Extra fill valve, Dribble bar attachment, High pressure centrifugal pump, Sprung draw-bar

Wide angled PTO shaft, Extra sight glasses,

Can be fitted with NC Hydraulic self-locking fill hatch which remains locked and therefore air tight even when hydraulic pressure is removed

Trailing Shoe Applicator


P200S Post Knocker
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Tractor Rear Mounted Post Driver
A fully hydraulic rear mounted post driver designed for the Farmer/Contractor. Equipped with a 210 kg hammer, 120 degree hydraulic slew with 250 mm telescopic extensions and mast tilts.
Hydraulic rock spike and extractor kit and hydraulic leg are also available.

180 kg hammer weight and capable of driving up to 10 ft tall post.
External lever control for improved control and safety.
250 mm telescopic side shift for improved machine adjustment and compact transport position.
Hydraulic power slew with a massive 120 deg working area.
20 degree forward and back hydraulic mast tilt,
35 degree side to side hydraulic mast tilt quick release 270 mm throat width gripper plate with reinforced rubber for noise reduction.
Adjustable front and rear legs.
Optional Extras
210 kg hammer weight,
60 mm rock spike and extractor kit for piloting holes through hard and rocky ground conditions,
Hydraulic rear legs with 300 mm travel.
Rear leg extension for deer fencing.
Front mounting frame for Telehandlers and front end loaders. 



Sigma 4 IRON




Our IRON front end loader range,completely updated in design and performance, are exceptionally reliable machines due to the latest solutions adopted, and are extremely competitively priced within this market segment.






The new frontier of the SIGMA 4 front end loaders, the latest achievement combining top performances, advanced technology and greatest power together with fully-accessorised equipment for daily professional use.

This loader series has merged a harmonious and agreeable design to the force necessary and agreeable design to the force necessary to perform the heaviest duties of the agricultural work.

The PLATINUM loaders are supplied as standard with anti-bounce GENIUS SYSTEM and with the hydraulic multi-connector device FLASH SYSTEM    





High-duty front end loader which combines power with technologically advanced solutions, the ideal mix of lifting force and fully-accessorised equipment for the professional users, All hydraulic pipes are covered by protection plates which protect them completely . The plates can be easily removed in case of need while servicing pipes. Thanks to this equipment visibility is highly improved and dirt/residue accumulation on the pipes is prevented.

Standard features of the TITANIUM series are the anti-bounce GENIUS SYSTEM and the hydraulic multi-connector device FLASH SYSTEM.


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