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Storth Lagoon Mixer
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Fully Galvanised machine with the main chassis strengthened by heavy duty box section. The depth of mixing is controlled by a hydraulic ram on the top link.

No greasable bearing at the propeller end, this bearing is lubricated by slurry.

Models Available:

15ft, 20ft, 25ft.

60–70 Horsepower is required to drive this machine at 540 rpm.

This machine can also be available in electric.


Storth Mega Mix Range
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We have designed and manufactured the Storth Mega Mix Range as the demand for mixing large lagoons has increased dramatically as legislation on slurry storage has changed meaning farmers have to store slurry for a longer period of time.

The Mega Mix

The Storth Mega Mix is designed to mix large lagoons in a faster and more effective way than conventional mixing ways. The Mega Mix uses an auger to draw in the slurry and re-circulate it through the 5” jetter nozzle which provides a large volume of slurry allowing great agitation of the lagoon as the jetter has a 300 degree rotation, therefore reducing the amount of times you move the machine around the large lagoon. The Mega Mix is fully galvanised machine and is built to a very high standard.

The Mega Mix Lagoon Pump

This machine was built for farmers and contractors alike to have the same mixing capabilities as the Mega Mix and with the option of pumping out of the lagoon through a 6” side discharge pipe controlled by hydraulic gate valves. This can be used for top filling tankers, sending slurry to a different location or Priming an Umbilical Pump. Both these machines need to be driven in 1000 rpm, reducing the need for gearboxes. A minimum of 140hp is required. Both the Mega Mix & Mega Mix Lagoon Pump are available in 7.0mt,8.0mt & 9.5mt Lengths. Transport trailers are available for these machines.

The Trailed Mega Mix Lagoon Pump

The final machine in this range, this machine has been developed for lagoons with steeper banks, which require a deeper reach into the lagoon without needing a lot of horsepower to lift on three point linkage. This machine uses the same quality components and high class engineering of the Mega Mix Lagoon Pump, this has hydraulically operated wheels and hydraulic stabilizer legs. 150 horsepower is required for this machine to be run in 1000 rpm. This machine is available in 12.5 Mt & 17.0 Mt Lengths.


Storth Multiscraper
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Storth manufacture four different size models of this very popular yard scraper.

Model Sizes: 6ft, 6ft 6”, 7ft 2” & 8ft 2”.

With the Storth Multiscraper you will have cleaner yards and significantly reduce scraping time as the multiscraper contains all the slurry, reducing spillage. The machine will follow uneven surfaces and have easy interchangeable parts.

All models have an A Frame and also 3 point linkage, high impact strength rubber allows for even wear allowing the Storth Multiscraper to give you the most even scrape.






Storth P.T.O & Electric Pumps
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PTO & Electric Slurry Pumps Storth have developed the most versatile range of slurry pumps to cope with everything from the small farmers needs to the contractor’s range. High performance, reliability and the highest standard of engineering are the reasons why sales of these exceptional value for money Storth slurry pumps continue to escalate. Storth have designed a large range of PTO driven and electric pumps to suit all applications.

PTO Slurry Pumps We have a series of PTO pumps to suit different applications from Static models to pump slurry out of reception pits to storage tanks to mobile adjustable models to aid slurry mixing under slats with hydraulic depth variation. We also have a pump to re-circulate slurry in storage tanks. All Machines are fully galvanised, 5” or 6” models are available dependant on application. Electric pumps are available in static models with different motor sizes dependant on distance and head slurry is required to pump to.

Electric Slurry Pump All the electric pumps have an under surface agitator to allow mixing in the reception tank before pumping. All Electric models have a 4” outlet. Storth can also provide custom built control panels to suit your needs.



Storth Slurry Store


Slurry Storage Tanks by Storth Machinery

Slurry storage has become increasingly popular due to government legislations and nutrient benefits. Slurry is required to be stored at certain times of the year , this is to protect the environment, the slurry is then used on the land at the most effective time of the year to benefit from the nitrates in the slurry to enrich the land.

Storth can offer a full turnkey project from a greenfield site to a fully built and equipt slurry storage tank ready to be filled. We use our installation teams made up of three men to prepare all groundworks and erect the slurry storage tank, we provide all materials including concrete to ensure the project is handled all through our Installations manager based at our head office Storth Slurry Store

Storth Tank Master
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The ideal machine for mixing above ground slurry storage tanks. This machine can be moved around the storage tank on the tractor 3 point linkage, allowing great flexibility and providing an even consistency of mixed slurry.

The machine is driven by two gearboxes at the top and bottom of the vertical column, connected by the drive shaft. No greasable bearing at the propeller end as the bearing is lubricated by slurry, meaning the machine is low maintenance.

70 – 80 horsepower is required to drive this machine at 540 rpm.


Storth Tank Wall Mixers
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The ideal machine to be used in an above ground store for regular use to prevent crust build up. Storth can manufacture tank wall mixers for Steel tanks or Concrete tanks, these mixers can also be installed into existing stores.

This machine uses the same proven propeller design as our other mixers. 60–70 horsepower is required to drive this machine at 540 rpm. The Storth tank wall mixer is fully galvanised.

This model can also be available in electric.


Storth The Hawk
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The "Hawk" has been designed to solve the problem that many farmers have with agitating large above ground slurry storage tanks.

The "Hawk" uses its bottom jetter nozzle to agitate any sediment in the bottom of the tank, whilst the top jetter nozzle can be rotated to break up large crusts which form at the top of the tank.

Models Available:

10ft Vertical column with 10ft Interior pump 12ft Vertical column with 12ft Interior pump

16ft Vertical column with 16ft Interior pump 20ft Vertical column with 20ft Interior pump

All models require a minimum of 120hp. Output of 4,000 gallons per minute.

Models are also available with longer interior pumps to suit tanks which base levels are below the outside ground level.


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