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NC Lagoon Mixers
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 Lagoon Mixers


The new NC Lagoon Pump builds on the strength of NC’s experience of manufacturing Slurry Pumps /Lagoon Mixers and is ideal for open lagoons and below ground tanks. Designed to operate in very deep pits this pump is designed using the latest state of the art 3D modelling software to ensure every aspect of the design is engineered to NC’s high standard. Up-rated drive lines ensures increased performance and reliability reducing the need for gearboxes.

With the use of both the impeller and high pressure nozzle, slurry movement is increased significantly and makes mixing lagoons possible from one location. Due to the unique design of NC pumps, the same massive pressure and volume of slurry is maintained when jetting or pumping upwards to a Top Fill Tanker. It requires a 165 HP tractor and can be transported by three point linkage or if required a road wheel kit is available as an option.


NC Link-A-Sweep
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With an increasing awareness for road safety NC have developed this multi-purpose machine with a wide variety of uses, to suit contractors and farmers alike.

Models include the 600 and 700

Features and Benefits

As with all NC equipment ease of coupling and uncoupling is paramount, hence the use of the popular NC Quick attach System.

The 3 point linkage mounted hydraulic link box and sweeper is quickly and easily attached to any tractor over 50hp with an oil flow rate of 6 gallons per minute (27 litres).

When the link box is hydraulically tipped, the brush automatically rises to allow maximum clearance for easy discharge. By removing two locating pins and two hydraulic hoses, the brush can be separated from the link box, thus enabling the link box to be used for other jobs.

Sweeping height is easily adjusted with side locating pins – brushing can then commence in either direction.

When driving forward with the Power Link Box just above the surface the hydraulically driven brush cleanly sweeps all the debris into the link box. When the link box has reached its capacity proceed to your tipping area. This eliminates the back breaking task of collecting debris.

NC Low Loader Trailers
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 Low Loaders

NC offer a range of Agriculture Tractor and Commercial low loader trailers.

NC Tractor Drawn Low Loader

NC provides an innovative range of low loaders to a standard specification and specific customer requirements. Models include the 16-Ton tandem axle and the 22-Ton and 25-Ton Tri-axles.

Features and Benefits

Robust and durable trailer chassis based on two 254x146x31 U-beams which are reinforced where necessary. With the addition of 150x75x18 channel section chimes and 100x50x10 channel floor runners the loader is designed for use in the most arduous conditions. A height adjustable, sprung draw-bar is standard on all 16, 22 and 25 Ton models. The flatbed floor is fitted out with 50mm softwood timber along its entire length with the beaver tail steel chequer plated for extra durability. Grip bars are welded to the beaver tail to provide extra grip for tracked machines. Standard ramps are 700mm (2’4” wide) enabling even narrow machines to load onto a standard trailer. Ramps are spring assisted to ease raising and lowering. All main models use two or three 8-stud 90mm axles rated to 40kph and fitted with 215/75x17.5 twin tyres. These are mounted on 80mm springs on the 16 and 22 Ton models and 100mm springs on the 25 Ton. The underslung suspension set-up gives good ground clearance whilst maintaining a low bed height. Hydraulic brakes are standard using 25mm brake rams and sprung release. A lockable toolbox is fitted to the kerbside of the trailer for storage of chains etc and crash bars are fitted along both sides. Rope hooks and chime bars are fitted closely along both sides of the trailer providing plenty of securing points for different types of loads.


Outriggers, Hydraulic ramps, Durbar or timber sheeted ramps,

28mm hardwood floor, 3’2” or 3’6” wide ramps, Longer flatbed,

High speed 8-stud 100mm axles rated to 105kph

Air brake or dual air/hydraulic brakes,

ABS brakes and/or load sensing for brakes, Air suspension,

235x75x17.5 or 445x45x19.5 tyres, ‘Loadall’ hydraulic levelling tail,

Removable bale rack on headboard, Commercial style ‘cut’ chassis.


NC Manure Spreaders
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NC Manure Spreaders
With years of experience and the reputation for quality NC have produced an extensive range of manure spreaders to include 9m,11m,13m and 15m suitable for small farmers to large contractors.


NC Rotary Sweeper
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NC Rotary Sweeper
PTO or Hydraulic driven models in width's 6ft 7ft and 8ft (1.83m,2.13m & 2.44m)
There are a number of cheap brush slices on the market, but with over 30 years experience plus extensive research and development NC have produced the highest quality brush, 
They sweep cleaner and last longer, earning NC the reputation for the longer lasting brush. 



NC Shear Grab
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 NC New Type Shear Grab/Black Cutter

Newest type NC Shear Grab 


NC Shear Grab/Block Cutter
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NC Shear Grab/Block Cutter
With a wide range of bolt on front end loader and telescopic brackets they can be fitted to Tractor or Skid Steer loaders, Telescopic Handlers or Industrial Loaders.
The NC range of Shear Grabs are both powerful and durable. With a range of 8 sizes (1.3m to 2.3m) it has been designed to suit all types of farms from large scale dairy to modest small holdings,


NC Silage and Grain Trailers
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Silage & Grain Trailers

NC Engineering offer a selection of grain/silage trailers ranging from 10-18 Tons capacity. The monocoque body comes with a 100mm front to rear taper and tips to an angle of 50 degrees to ensure easy emptying. All trailers are fitted as standard with a sprung drawbar, tandem spring suspension, hydraulic brakes, handbrake, full RTA approved lights (including rear beacon) and front galvanised ladder. The 10 and 12 Ton models are fitted with a 40kph axle while 13-18 Ton models are fitted with high speed axles as standard. Standard wheel is the 385/65x22.5 super single. All trailers are fitted with an automatic top hinged tail door, complete with grain chute and manual securing bar



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