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Automatic Cow Brush
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EYS cow brushes are designed to provide relief and relaxation to cows by cleaning and massaging their skin. The brush is activated by a movement sensor when the cow touches it, the brush will automatically stop 30 seconds after the cow has moved away from the brush. The cow brush is programmed to stop and reverse its direction if it encounters a certain level of resistance from the cow.Main Advantages of the EYS automatic cow brush
  • Helps getting rid of and preventing parasites that live on cattle skin
  • Improves the cows blood circulation by massaging the veins close to the surface
  • Improves milk production by helping to maintain the cows in a relaxed state.
  • The EYS automatic cow brush has six interchangeable brushes, therefore if one part of the brush gets worn you can replace just that section



Blaney Aerators
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Aerators / Slitters

Boost grass and save fertilizer. The Blaney Aerator releases the equivalent of 50kg of nitrates per hectare.



Blaney Bale Chopper
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Bale Shredder

Save time and money bedding and feeding livestock with our innovative Blaney Bale Shredder 


Blaney Cubicle Bedder
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Cubicle Bedder

The Blaney cubicle bedder will throw further than any other machine making it ideal for modern cubical units with storage at the cubicle head. Less bedding material usage with a more even spread for cleaner dry cubicles



Blaney Forager
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Forager X10

The fastest, easiest one tractor round bale feeding solution.

Forager X10L

Following numerous demands Blaney developed the Forager X10L – a special front loader version of the bale unroller that can be fitted to any front loader or telescopic, to make lifting, loading and feeding a one man one tractor operation.


Blaney Hedge Cutters
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Blaney Hedge Cuters
Excavator Attachment
Get the most out of your excavator during the quieter months of the year with the Blaney cutting head attachments.
Contractor Series
The Contractor Series has a strong robust design to tackle all types of hedges throughout the country whether they have been maintained regularly or haven’t been cut in years.

Agri Series

The Agri Series has a robust design to tackle heavier duty jobs, shredding those hedges and boundaries around your farm that maybe haven’t been maintained for a number of years

Compact Series
The Compact Series is ideal for annual hedgecutting duties, maintaining all laneways, field and boundary hedges.



Blaney Log Spliter
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Splitfire Log Splitter

Blaney have developed the Splitfire range as a result of requests for a commercial grade, high capacity machine that could split logs up to 1m in length.



Blaney Mowers
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3 in 1 Power Shredders

The innovative 3-in-1 Power Shredder™ boasts all the advantages of the standard Tractor Power Shredder yet gives you the added benefit of having one machine with many uses.

 X-Cut Agri Rotary Mower

Designed to get the job done up to 3 times faster with lower power requirements and lower operating cost per acre while leaving results that improve profit from grass yields.

 Power Shredder Mower
Blaney have pioneered mowers for a fine chop in extreme conditions without the need for big HP.


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