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Bomford Hawk Evo
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The Hawk Evo is perfect for farmers, small contractors and municipal environments, features include

5.4m, 6.0m or 6.5m reach

1.2m Pro Trim Head, 1.5m Option on 5.4m

100L/Min Independent hydraulic system

94 Deg of slew (max non parallel systems)


Bomford Heads L W
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The Bomford 950 and 1257 LW heads are a lighter weight, for smaller machines.

Directly driven from an end drive motor reducing the overall weight as there is no need for belts and pulleys

Features Include:  

950mm and 1257mm Options

950 LW is suitable for the Robin, Kite and Kestrel E machines

Choice of flails


Bomford Heads M W
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The Bomford 1107 MW heads are of medium weight but with all the advantages that belt drive gives, close-in cutting and damage limitation from unseen obstacles.

Features Include:  

1107 mm Option: Choice of Flails: Belt Drive:

Suitable for Robin, Kite and Kestrel E machines


Bomford Heads Pro Cut
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The Bomford Pro-Cut range is heavier duty and offers double helix shaft technology delivering up to 45% overlap of the flails, belt driven protection against unseen debris with close in cutting.

There are interchangeable shaft options allowing speedy flail change times.

Features Include:  

Heavy duty design: 1200mm and 1500mm options: Choice of Flails: Choice of Motor options:

Suitable for Falcon Evo, Buzzard, Heron and B81-81 machines


Bomford Heads Pro-Trim
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The Bomford Pro-Trim range offers double helix shaft technology delivering up to 45% overlap of the flails.

Features also include belt driven protection against unseen debris, close-in cutting and interchangeable shaft options alowing speedy flail change times. 

Features Include:

1200mm and 1500mm Width Options: Belt Driven Drive: Choice of Flails

Suitable for Kestrel S and Hawk Evo Machines 


Bomford Heron
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The Heron is specifically designed for the drainage and environment agency operator who needs maximum reach, whilst minimising balance requirement's through it's mid mounting fitting. Features include

7.6m, 8.35m and 9.3m Reach

Mid Mount 

ICS fully proportional control

72hp piston pump system  


Bomford Hydraulic Roller
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For any side arm user involved in both hedge and verge mowing, the roller on the back of the cutting head is essential for maintaining an even cutting height when mowing verges, although it can be a nuisance for hedge work. To overcome this, BOMFORD has introduced a new version of the well proven PRO-CUT cutting head, which incorporates a retractable hydraulic roller. For verge mowing on rough ground, the roller can be quickly lowered whilst on the move in order to raise the cutting height and so avoid the flails scalping the verge. Not only does this result in a neat finish but more importantly for the operator, it avoids excessive wear on the flails. The ability to be able to completely retract the roller whilst hedge cutting, will result in a cleaner, neater finish without any interference caused by the roller running on the hedge. The retraction assembly consists of a single hydraulic ram acting on a connecting shaft that is contained within the cowl support bar for added protection. The roller itself is protected and supported by the replaceable skid assembly and the retraction linkage system also incorporates an adjustable link to ensure that the roller can be maintained level


Bomford ISMP Head
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The Bomford ISMP head enables the whole shaft assembly to be changed saving considerable down time when different flails are required for different jobs.

Features Include:  

Choice of Flails

ISMP is avalaiable in Pro Trim 1200mm, 1500mm widths and Pro Cut 1200mm


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