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Bomford Bandit
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The Bandit trailed flail mower is aimed at professional users where efficiency and finish are a must. The Bomford Bandit mower range is built to withstand the toughest working conditions. Remainng manoeurable when mowing tight up to walls and obstructions. The flexible design of the Bandit allows it to be front or rear mounted simply by turning the A frame around (except B1500). Including,  

1.5m, 1.8m and 2.25m cutting widths

Fixed with roller as standard 

Variable cutting height

Cat II three point linkage

540 or 1000 rpm PTO speeds


Bomford Buccaneer
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BOMFORD has expanded into the vegetation mulching equipment market with the introduction of the new heavy duty BUCCANEER HDX which is suitable for use with tractors of between 90 to 200hp. Available in working widths of 2.25m and 2.50m, the new Buccaneer HDX is designed to quickly and efficiently reduce standing or cut vegetation and stumps up to 300mm (1ft) thick, into fine shreds in a single pass. To achieve this, the Buccaneer HDX can be specified with either hard faced swinging hammers mounted onto a heavy duty 40mm diameter shaft, or alternatively for really heavy duty work, fixed hammers fitted with replaceable tungsten carbide teeth can be specified that are able to incorporate the mulched material into the soil. In order to ensure maximum transfer of power from the 1000rpm PTO to the mulching blades or hammers, the Buccaneer HDX features a heavy duty gearbox with twin output drive system with a total of 12 transmission drive belts. The benefit of the twin drive is that driving both ends of the cutting rotor, will half the torque transmitted compared with similar machines. The robust build of the Buccaneer HDX is evident in that the smaller 2.25m wide model weighs 1995kg with the wider 2.50m machine weighing 2,100Kgs. Mounted on the rear of the Buccaneer HDX is a robust twin tube push bar that can be used to initially push over standing trees and vegetation, so making it easier for the blades or hammers to start mulching the vegetation. The Buccaneer also features a hydraulic hood which can be opened to allow access of larger vegetation or lowered to retain and increase the mulching effect, it also inhibits debris from flying out the rear of the machine. The standard specification of the new Bomford Buccaneer HDX includes a front double-row chain guard, Cat 2/3 three-point linkage and heavy duty replaceable skids. A front mounted version of the Buccaneer HDX is also available.


Bomford Buzzard
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The Buzzard range has been specially designed for professional contractors who need virtually 24/7 reliability, including

6.5m, 7.25m or 8m reach

Oil Cooler as standard

ICS fully proportional controls

1.2m or 1.5m Cutting Head


Bomford CTVM
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Developed to meet the demands of local authorities for parks and municipal areas. The CTVM has a cutting width of 1.6m variable cutting height from 8mm to 130mm, a mountable kerb height of 355mm, sealed bearings, pressed scoop flails and weights in at 300kg. 

The new Bomford CTVM has twin V belt drive and has interchangeable mounting arms to accomodate a large range of prome movers. Including,  

  • 1.6m cutting width

  • Shaft Driven 

  • 32 Scoop Flails

  • 115mm Roller


Bomford Cultivation
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No matter how big the job you need to tackle, the Bomford Dyna-Drive will give you performance and reliability. Use the Dyna-Drive before the plough, after the plough or instead of the plough. The Dyna-Drive is the most versatile cultivation implement you can have on your farm. The Dyna-Drive is not another power take off drive machine. It is powered by the passage of its tines through soil to give minimum running costs and maximum reliability. Being geared to the ground rather than the tractor, high outputs under difficult operating conditions are no longer a worry.

The Dyna-Drive has established itself with an outstanding reputation for performance, reliability and low running costs since it was launched on world markets.


Bomford Ditch Cleaner
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The Bomford Ditch Cleaner head is both compact, powerful and capable of operating in wet or dry conditions. The Bomford Ditch cleaner can be turned through 90 degrees and used to clean existing roadside "grips" and can be changed from left to right operation in minutes with a choice of blades or cutting teeth. The ditch cleaner head comprises of a 660mm diameter rotary cutting head, that is powered by a multi-stroking radial piston motor. Depending on requirements, two versions of the Bomford Ditch Cleaner are available. The Standard version requires an oil flow of 80-125 litres/minute and has a motor torque of 12.7kNm with a cutting head rotor speed of between 205-320 rpm. The High Speed version requires an oil flow of 80-100 litres/minute, and whilst the motor torque is lower at 6.5kNm, the cutting head rotor speed is far higher, at 400-500rpm, so providing a far greater throw of material.

Both the Standard and High Speed versions are available with the option of either manual or hydraulic adjustment of the chute angle and rotation angle. On manual versions, the Ditch Cleaner can be rotated through 360° in 45° steps, whilst the discharge chute has six different positions through a 50° arc. On the hydraulic version, whilst the head can again be rotated through 360° in 45° steps, the discharge chute has adjustment up to 70°. The design of the Ditch Cleaner ensures that the hydraulic motor is fully protected from any damage, whilst the underside of the head is curved in order to ‘smear’ and so seal the bottom of the freshly cut ditch or ‘grip’ for quicker run-off.

Features Include:  

Left and Right Handed: Blade or Cutting Teeth Option: Suitable for wet and dry conditions 


Bomford Falcon Evo
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The Falcon Evo Straight Arm Range has been specifically designed for the contractor, including

5.5m, 6.0m or 6.5m reach

Quick Hitch Bar Coupler

125L/Min Independent System

1.2m or 1.5m Cutting Head


Bomford H D Head



The 2 Meter Bomford HD head offers the widest cutting width on the market, heavy duty build and a range of flail choices.

Features Include:  

Widest Cutting Width on the Market: Choice of flails:

Heavy Duty Design: Suitable for Buzzard Arm Mower Machines:


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