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Bomford Tri Blade 4000 Topper
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The Tri-Blade mowers are heavy duty and robust..

Three sets of newly designed heavy duty timed blades ensure strip free cutting, with adjustable cutting height of between 25mm(1") and 225mm (9")  the Bomford Tri-Blade offers superb versatility.

Driven through 1000 rpm independent gearbox's with rubber pto shaft couplings to offer further protection against debris impact the tri-blade delivers power direct to the blades.

Slip clutch protection on each pto shaft ensures longevity of the independent gearbox's.  

4.0m cutting width

1.8m transport width

Variable cutting height

Three sets of timed blades

Slip clutch protection

Front and rear heavy duty chain guards

Cat II three point linkage

1000 rpm gearbox driven


Bomford Tri Wing Topper
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The Tri-Wing flex mower, specifically designed for large open spaces, offers wide-angle constant velocity drive shafts and inline slip clutch protection. With its clean lines, this new design ensures debris from cutting does not collect and rot on the machines deck and therefore maximises teh working life of the equipment. The tri-wing 4600 has a transport width of only 2.34 metres (8' 9")  

Wheel Equiptment

Fitted with six 200/60 - 14.5 10ply tyres as standard, the Tri-wing 4600 and 6000 can also be supplied with an eight wheel option for reduced ground pressure. In both work and transport the tri-wing benefits from a sprung shock absorbing mechanism to provide a smooth ride and reduce stresses within the mainframe.


4.6m & 6m cutting widths, Six heavy duty updraft blades, Choice of blade configurations

Sprung Suspension System, 2.34m and 2.60m transport widths, Hydraulic level lift system

Four gearboxes, 180hp divider and three 140hp wing boxes, NEW ! Walking Axle Option


Bomford Turbo Mower Elite/Euro
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The Turbo mower elite range offers operator's a huge choice of cutting widths at very cost effective prices.

1.3m, 1.5m, 1.9m, 2.25m, 2.45m and 2.7m cutting widths. (2.5m and 2.8m on TurboEuro)

Front mount Option 

Hydraulic or manual offset

Over run slip clutch protected

Cat II three point linkage mounted

Standard fitted roller and side skids


Bomford Turbo VM
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The Turbo VM is specifically designed for verge mowing over long sustained periods.

 1.6m and 2.0m cutting widths

Plus 90 deg to minus 50 deg cowl angling 

Direct drive through twin pivoting gearboxes

750mm offset

Cat II three point linkage

Front mountable


Bomford VTB Head
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The New Bomford VTB Bracket has been designed for operators who need to work in restricted areas such as narrow lanes.

Perfect for getting up close and personal to hedges on rural roads and country estates.

Features Include:  

The ability to cut down narrow lanes


Bomford Weed Brush
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The New Bomford Weedbrush for cleaning pavements, asphalt and paving stones.

The brushes are so rigid that they can remove mud and soil from for example gutters. Mounted on long arm cutters with amount on a three point bracket. Replaceable brush elements .

Features Include:  

900 mm Diameter: 45 l/min Flow Rate: 230 Kg Weight:


EYS Screw Press Separator
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The EYS screw press separator is designed to mechanically separate solid and liquid fractions of fibre rich materials such as animal manure. In-fact, animal manure is the most common application for the EYS screw press separator. Hundreds of units installed worldwide have been delivering outstanding results for years even under the toughest conditions. The robust design handles all types of livestock manure with ease, yielding a high output rate of very dry solids and a liquid fraction only containing a minimal amount of suspended solids.

The benefits of the EYS screw press separator:

A better dry matter compared to roller press alternatives

Minimal wearing components

Stainless steel screen

Tungsten face hardened screw

Very little maintenance

Different size screens available to suit different applications

One machine can handle up to 1,000 cows


LWC 12'Slasher Topper




12' Slasher Topper


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